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RingMaster Review: Los Chicos "Rockpile of Shit"

There are few rock ‘n’ roll parties as thrilling and irresistible as those provided by Spanish rockers Los Chicos, an experience they offer once again with new album Rockpile of Shit. Offering fourteen tracks which embrace everything from garage to pub rock, punk to funkily soulful shenanigans and plenty more, the release is a feast of boisterously rousing rock ‘n’ roll and a delicious echo of the Madrid quintets’ inimitable live show.

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Uberrock: Los Chicos "Rockpile of Shit"

Well, Dirty Water have credit in the bank aplenty for the calibre of artists on their label and Los Chicos are another off that ever impressive conveyor belt. Hey, if you want a snappy name for your record why not call it 'Rockpile Of Shit'? On the sleeve they proclaim it to be pub rock so pub rock is what we'll call it. How about 14 slabs of thick as pub rock? So lace up your dancing shoes, grab a bottle and let's go!

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I-94 Bar: Los Chicos on Sydney Harbour

Sydneysiders crap on far too much about how beautiful our harbour is. It is an obsession, even for people who couldn't find water with a GPS-equipped divining rod and a camel. On a day like this, however, with 20-something degree winter sunshine streaming down and three rocking' bands doing their thing on a hired ferry, you have to cut us some slack.

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