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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

One test for an album is whether you can get into it even when you don't understand any of the words. If you do, then you know the band is really on to something. On the new album Incluso Festivos Los Bengala can definitely draw you in even if you don't understand the Spanish lyrics.

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Pure Rawk: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

Incluso Festivos is a great hidden gem of an album.  Los Bengala are unlikely to become household names in this country due to the language barrier, but they have a great sound with terrific, catchy choruses (even though I can’t understand the lyrics), big hooks, and excellent riffs.  There is a real summery quality to their music, and the Spanish twist that permeates every corner of this album is a welcome change of pace.  A fantastic surprise, and a genuinely excellent album. 5/5

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RingMasterReview: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

If it is released by Dirty Water Records it is going to be worth checking out. That is a theory we have bred over time which once again is proven to be spot on as Spanish duo Los Bengala turn the day into one of devilish festivity with debut album Incluso Festivos. Seeded in garage rock but embracing many more prime flavours of rock ‘n’ roll, the ten track encounter is a perpetual feast of sound and fun.

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Dirty Water Club this Saturday 18 October @ The Shacklewell Arms

LOS BENGALA is a band that you'll be talking about for a long time afterwards;  they recently won a national battle of the bands competition in Spain. This duo from the north east of Spain is what happens if two musicians allow themselves to act out the most primitive and basic side of their psyche. Only two instruments and voices. Rhythm and machetes. Feral, feline garage punk!  Their ambidextrous drummer Borja has to be seen to be believed, he is astonishingly talented.

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