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Mowno.com: Johnny Mafia "Princes de l'Amour"

A l’automne 2016, les bourguignons de Johnny Mafia déboulaient avec leurs airs de rockeurs tout juste dépucelés et Michel Michel Michel, un excellent premier album à la ceinture malgré des références clairement évidentes les obligeant à prouver qu’ils n’étaient pas seulement là pour sucer la roue de leurs ainés californiens.

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Spill Magazine: Johnny Mafia "Princes de l'Amour"

Johnny Mafia have long been high rollers in the burgeoning post-garage punk rackets gripping the country of France over the last few years; high-energy explosive acts like The Scaners, Escobar, Les Grys Grys, Les Lullies and The Arrogants have been burning up stages across Europe and USA with a vengeance, adding their craft to the long list of finer French exports suited to the more cultivated of music connoisseur.

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New Noise Magazine: Johnny Mafia "Princes de l'Amour"

French band Johnny Mafia’s sophomore LP, Princes de l’Amour, features punky vocals paired with catchy, fuzzed-out guitars and a grungy low-end, for a sound that’s reminiscent of classic acts like The Ramones and The Clash along with contemporaries like Ty Segall and Wavves. The band’s snotty, explosive, and ferociously fun songs embody a punk spirit of both the past and present.

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