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Pure Rawk: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Third album from Holloway-based poultry-obsessed rock ‘n’ rollers MFC Chicken, and it’s pretty much a straight continuation of their debut, 2011’s Music For Chicken, and 2013’s Solid Gravy!  There’s a bit of ‘50s style greaser rock and a bit of ‘60s garage rock in there liberally sprinkled with some honking sax, and it’s all good fun.

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Fungal Punk: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

A right bunch of cheeky fuckers here with an album to completely break down any critical codswallop and to bring forth a fervent fever of gushing praise from even the most hard boiled reviewer. Make no mistake about it, these squawking sonic shits are good, darn good indeed and really excite with their innuendoed sax fuelled rock that has an obsession with the thrills of fast food chomping. Hailing from London these dudes really do need to spread their wings and drop some sonic shit on the heads of the unaware, here is my small attempt at provocating some flapping motions.

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RingMaster Review: MFC Chicken "(Get Outta The) DJ Booth"

After two ridiculously infectious and excitable slabs of rock ‘n’ roll devilry posing as albums, London based MFC Chicken in their own words “figured it was time that we gave the DJs out there something to spin when out in the wilds. A full length album is great for playing at house parties but in a sleazy cellar bar with some frantic dance floor action the DJ’s gonna want a proper vinyl 45.” So that is what the band came up with, not one but two slices of MFC Chicken revelry to ignite the dance-floor, a pair of incitements which simply throw feet and emotions into a blissful frenzy.

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I-94 Bar: MFC Chicken "Lake Bears! Theme Song"

If you believe the schtick about expat-Canadian vocalist-saxophonist Spencer Evoy meeting bassist Bret Bolton on a pilgrimage to Joe Meek’s former flat and recording studio, you’ll swallow the line that the band was named after a takeaway shop Bolton was living above. And that the pair met when Evoy was busking outside. Every band needs a back story. and it beats Mick and Keef telling record collection stories to each other on a train platform.

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