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I-94 Bar: Los Chicos "In The Age Of Stupidity"

It's obvious that you're in the presence of greatness at a gig when a singer coaxes the entire crowd to limbo down lower than he. So it goes with Los Chicos, a mobile garage rock party ruled by a mixture of red wine and Coca Cola who've swung through Australia on a couple of occasions. Of course, gig greatness often does not translate to shiny silver CD or black platter. "In The Age Of Stupidity" is an exception to that rule.

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I-94 Bar: Los Chicos on Sydney Harbour

Sydneysiders crap on far too much about how beautiful our harbour is. It is an obsession, even for people who couldn't find water with a GPS-equipped divining rod and a camel. On a day like this, however, with 20-something degree winter sunshine streaming down and three rocking' bands doing their thing on a hired ferry, you have to cut us some slack.

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