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RPM Online: Snakerattlers "All Heads Will Roll"

From the dark heart of Yorkshire, this is Snakerattlers’ second album, and I admit that this is my first encounter with their music. The duo are husband and wife, Dan and Naomi Gott, guitar/vocals and drums/vocals, and, unlike some other duos, they have the tunes to ensure that they are no novelty act. Yes, there are elements of The Cramps here and there; ‘Do The Rattle Rock’ and ‘Rattle Rock Stomp’. But, their approach has more in common with Dan Sartain; see ‘I’ll Destroy Your Soul’. ‘She’s Strange’ sways, makes your hips shake. In fact, you could dance to the whole album, should you feel inclined.

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Spin Magazine: Snakerattlers "All Heads Will Roll"

Opening with the Kill Bill-inspired “Aither’s Theme”, All Heads Will Roll has a slow beginning which feels quite cinematic. “Aither’s Theme” seamlessly bleeds into the almost sludgy title track. “All Heads Will Roll”, despite being based around a blues structure, is a gritty rocker which feels like the Sex Pistols doing ‘50s surf rock, and features call-and-response vocals that juxtapose Naomi’s soft, warm voice with Dan’s wrenching screams. Songs like “She’s Strange” and the shuffling “I’ll Destroy Your Soul” are more melodic, giving the duo a sense of versatility in tone. That being said, the blistering heaviness of “Rattle Rock Stomp” is truly a highlight among the 11 tracks.

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