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rpmonline: Suicide Generation "Last Sucide"

London’s trashiest exponents of gutter-level rock ‘n’ roll return with their sophomore long player ‘Last Suicide’, the follow-up to their 2017 debut ‘First Suicide’. Known for their incendiary and unpredictable live shows, the band has endured a few line-up changes in their short career, but the core songwriting duo of Sebastian Melmoth (vocals) and Vince Suicide (guitar) remain. While their first album line-up was an unusual 3 guitar attack with no bass, they now return to the more traditional format with new bassist Gema German and drummer May Mansur on board for the ride. Does this new 2 boy/2 girl line-up force a change in direction? Are Suicide Generation the new punk rock Abba? Read on to find out the gory details.

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mxdwn.com: Suicide Generation "Last Suicide"

The debut from United Kingdom punk crew Suicide Generation, 1st Suicide, didn’t get the credit it deserved among punk fans. It was a classic feeling garage punk album that channeled the nostalgia of previous generations while feeling new and original. Now for their second album Last Suicide, Generation sticks to the qualities that made 1st Suicide fun, all while producing some good, quick fun.

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