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Fungal Punk: The Scaners "The Scaners"

From Lyon, France we have The Scaners who swoop in via unidentified airwaves and bring to the table a Triple-X-Century sound that comes from dimensions disturbed and only traversed by the most hardy, experimental and idiotic sonic souls. The band, I suspect, are under surreptitious investigation from authorities on high, are destined to be 'watched' via a governmental microscope that will make sure the planetary invasions are kept in check. Somehow I suspect the band have other ideas? Here we have 12 tracks to get through, I best get me rear in gear:-

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Spill Magazine: The Scaners "The Scaners"

From Frank Sinatra crooning about being flown to the moon to David Bowie, the man who fell to Earth, popular music has had an on-and-off fascination with space and life beyond our planet. For The Scaners, France’s latest punk sensation, the question of extra-terrestrial life isn’t actually a question, but rather a fact; one they are not only comfortable with, but, after listening to their debut self-titled record, they may even be co-conspirators with the little green men themselves.

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The RingMaster Review: The Scaners "The Scaners"

Create a sonic kaleidoscope made up of particles from The Ramones, Devo, The Dickies, and The Screamers with essences of others such as Brainiac, Useless Eaters, and Acid Baby Jesus and you get the glorious garage synth punk sound fuelling a release which surely will be announced one of the year’s best moments come its annual awards. The cause of such thoughts is the self-titled debut album from French punksters The Scaners which despite those references at the beginning, or because of them, is one unique and quickly addictive incitement of sound and mischief.

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