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Pure Rawk: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Third album from Holloway-based poultry-obsessed rock ‘n’ rollers MFC Chicken, and it’s pretty much a straight continuation of their debut, 2011’s Music For Chicken, and 2013’s Solid Gravy!  There’s a bit of ‘50s style greaser rock and a bit of ‘60s garage rock in there liberally sprinkled with some honking sax, and it’s all good fun.

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RingMaster Review: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Determined to once again twist hips and bodies into shapes and directions never meant to be, MFC Chicken once more get virulently riotous with third album M.F.C. Chicken Time! It is another bundle of their inimitable fifties bred stomp of rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ’n’ blues, and more of the delicious revelry which marked the band’s previous pair of acclaimed albums. Theirs is a sound which has discovered its perfect recipe but conjures new tasty delights from the same irresistible ingredients. It is aural fast-food pleasure to get greedy over but as the new encounter proves, using familiar spices does not have to lead to predictability or the absence of ingenuity.

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Muso's Guide: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!

I was wondering how long the Colonel and the boys could keep the chicken gag going for, but they've now clocked up their 3rd LP on Dirty Water Records. Another portion of deep fried authentic greasy rock ‘n’ roll that you can dance your little tootsies off to. Proving that they are more than a mere novelty; check in here for ‘music The Sonics were listening to’.

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