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Word For Music: The Sons of Bido Lito "Avalanche"

After reading the name of the band you don’t know what to expect, but if you jump that hurdle, you’re in for some good music.

The Sons of Bido Lito serve up some scuzzy music which takes you all the way back to the sixties in places, as they Demand your attention with their attackive riff. The music video alone is eerie and psycadelic enough, but with the music, it’s hard to avoid.

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RingMasterReview: The Sons of Bido Lito "Avalanche"

Some songs just frisk ears with their creative tenacity; finger the imagination and fondle the psyche with a tempting which almost seems like it has been engineered just to fit personal tastes. One such irresistible enticement for us is Avalanche, the new thrill laden single from UK garage/psych rockers The Sons of Bido Lito. The two track encounter is pure addiction on 7” vinyl courtesy of Dirty Water Records; a pair of songs which from different directions unite to create aural manna for swerving bodies and lusty thoughts.

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Reviews: The Sons of Bido Lito

The Sons of Bido Lito headlining in Tent 3 were our next stop off. Typically the tent was very busy so we watched from the bandstand. Again this was a local band so had a great crowd. Split Festival is quite right to showcase its local talent because it’s made visitors such as us aware of some great new sounds and The Sons of Bido Lito were no exception.

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