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Making Time: Les Grys-Grys "Left Unseen"

In the past Purple Weekend held in December I was frankly shocked, almost knocked out for several concerts with bands in grace, from folk psychedelic rock of The Ripe through the garage of The Loons until the power pop Kurt Baker Combo, and of course the R & B black and amphetamine Les Grys-Grys, the first concert I could see the festival and made only those moments of delight that seemed to transport me to a club of R & London B in 1964/65 deserved worth the trip and disbursement.
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Fungal Punk: Les Grys-Grys "Left Unseen"

This crew are from Montpelier in France and knock out a discordance that is alive and active with much youthful spunk and steaming perspiration.  It should be a common commodity but is sometimes lacking in the music scene and that just gets my goat up and clashing its head against the walls of half-heartedness.  The band started out with a set of covers but are slowly bubbling up with new self-made treats, two of which are found here.  Another brew to review, this time with two sonic slugs needed to hopefully give hint at what is on offer - gob open, throat ready for accepting - watch yer step ya nasty minded gits.

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RingMasterReview: Les Gry-Grys "Left Unseen"

Time to dig out those Go-go and Cuban heeled Chelsea boots or your brightest Winkle Pickers, French rockers Les Grys-Grys offer the perfect opportunity to give them a feverish work out with new single Left Unseen. Consisting of two tracks which whip up a frenzy for feet and a nostalgic appetite to get greedy with, the band confirm themselves as one of the exciting new faces on the garage rock scene.

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