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Muso's Guide: Oh! Gunquit "Eat Yuppies and Dance"

London quintet Oh! Gunquit initially split the jury here with their cover of the Angry Samoans’ ‘Lights Out’. They certainly make it their own and it’s a less than obvious choice but is it a version that’s going to deserve spin after spin in the future?

For the answer to that question you really have to hear the track in conjunction with the rest of the contents of the band’s debut album Eat Yuppies And Dance.

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Schwindy's Indie Spotlight: Oh! Gunquit "Eat Yuppies and Dance"

This album by Oh! Gunquit begins with a drum beat at the beginning of "Sinkhole" that not only draws you in, but also gets you moving your head. When the rest of the instruments and the vocals come in, you realize that this band has a sound that is hard to classify. The female vocal part sounds a bit like Kate Pierson while the melody is a blend of surf and garage rock.

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