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Vive le Rock: The Youth "Nothing But ..."

This Copenhagen four-piece strut their '60s garage blues brilliantly on a scorching debut album.  Crammed with snappy guitar breaks and solos, such as on opener 'Come On', there's an urgency permeating from their foot-tapping rhythms on 'Girls Like You', as their loose sounding grungy groovs grabs you via its appealing unpolished edginess, the gruff vocals complimenting perfectly their brash backbeat.

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Sentireascoltare: The Youth "Nothing But..."

Have you ever wondered if there will ever come a day when this thing called rock'n'roll begins to bore you? It's a legitimate question, when you think about it. Some say it has lost its way, that rock music now seems unoriginal and not representative of what once was its main point, its youthful energy. But then comes a disc from a rookie Danish quartet - called The Youth - and all these considerations are suddenly irrelevant. Revivalism, traditionalism, looking back at things past seem not only beautiful, but right.

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The RingMaster Review: The Youth "Nothing But ..."

Having been thrilled and seduced by the contagious revelry of their recent single Fancy You, the anticipation for the debut album from Danish rockers The Youth, was as excited as it has been for any release this year. Now that Nothing But… unveils its collection of flavoursome rock ‘n’ roll on Dirty Water Records, it has to be said that thoughts and hopes actually underestimated what was to come.

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zest.today: The Youth "Nothing But..."

Among the many emails we receive everyday, there is one with a song named Bubblegum, so we download and listen to it , the new single from the debut album of The Youth, "Nothing But…”. However there must be an error, this is garage/beat and done as it should be, but no one today makes this kind of garage/beat. We are suprised, check the link again, the song title, the band's name: Bubblegum by The Youth.

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