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Raw Power Magazine: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

When you are a young group and we sign on a label for a first EP, it is generally happiness. When you do more of the garage revival sixties and that the label in question is Dirty Water Records, ecstasy is probably not far off. But what about when there is a group that Lille sign on the prestigious English label? Yes that must be it looks like a fairy tale version of garage rock!  Not even major when they are discovered by Yvan Serrano (Dustaphonics - which produces the EP said), The Arrogants must be on their little cloud.

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Fungal Punk: The Arrogants "Introducing..."

A trio of young gents who blend 60's garage, rhythm and blues before salting with a mod-esque flavour and vinegaring with a spite of psychedelia and surfiness. The band have trawled through past sonic sensations, swirled them around and come up with an output of their own with much room to manoeuvre and venture outwards. The release came to me via Dirty Water Records and yes - I have every right to expect much, the label have many classy releases to their name.

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The RingMaster Review: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

The first striking thing, apart from four stomping songs, about Introducing… the new EP from French garage rockers The Arrogants, is the passion and obvious relish the band has for their music and its seeds. The release is a potent and energetic encounter which in presence alone gets the listener swiftly involved and feeling the heart of the band. The fact that the songs are also raw and vibrant slices of feverish enterprise does the success of the EP no harm either.

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I-94 Bar: The Arrogants "Introducing..."

Like Johnny Appleseed, The Strypes travel the world and beget a host of similar teenage bands playing garage and beat rock and roll. At least that’s how we all want the story to go. The simultaneous existence The Arrogrants in the same hemisphere might be a complete coincidence, but there’s no mistaking the common influences and sheer unbridled firepower that this band packs.

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