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jatstorey.com: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds of the ..."

Ever been struck with nostalgia for a time before you were born?  Possibly for a time that mostly pretty mythical anyway? No, I’m not talking about spicing up things in the boudoir by having a quick game of Guinevere and Sir Lances-a-Lot, I’m talking about The Indestructible Sounds Of the Kneejerk Reactions, an album that’s simultaneously from 2013 and fifty years before that.  So if you’ll just step this way into my time-travelling garage, folks.

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Bananas fanzine: The Kneejerk Reactions – "the Indestructible Sounds of..."

The Kneejerk Reactions could almost be called The Usual Suspects: Sir Bald Diddley, Bruce Brand and Trevor Harding; adding Nasser Bousda on organ for this, their second long player. Like a good Medway combo, they nail 60 years of rock'n'roll to the masthead and barrell through 12 originals that mix garage, R&B, beat and surf with a little exotica and eastern sounds... In other worlds... ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!

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Dig It!: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of ..."

For their second album in six years (the first was published by Screaming Apple), the Kneejerk Reactions field a dozen titles under the patronage of the rhythm'n'blues of Chuck ,Howlin Wolf and Bo, proudly irrigated by the 60s British beat of the Downliners Sect or Yardbirds, and with  organ at the checkout for a clear garage sound.

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Raw Power Magazine: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of"

Each year seems to bring new stamped out Sir Bald Diddley when it is not under the name, it is under Hipbone Slim, Nine Your Peanut Smugglers or under Kneejerk Reactions.
One swims here in the british happy 1960's, somewhere between Dowliner Sect and Animals. And as usual with and it is beautiful work, a strong and effective.

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Making Time: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of ..."

And to finish to more garage and rock 'n roll with The Kneejerk Reactionscomandados by Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim) that sends to their INDESTRUCTIBLE THE SOUNDS OF THE KNEEJERK REACTIONS, sounds nailed in first half of sixty with an unbeatable English mixture of beat and R&B and North American garage “loaded with grab-your-throat to guitar riffs, snarling vocals, wailing harp and much maraca shaking”. They would be the pride of the Downliners Sect!

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Fungal Punk: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds Of ..."

Lo-fi rock and roll freakoid innocence here delivered with a mustard vigour and retro polished accuracy, The Kneejerk Reactions do what they want to do and do it most excellently (so I am told). This CD was received via the Dirty Water machine and duly spun to buggery before putting digit to board - excuse me for being so swift with the intro, much to do, many songs to plough through, here is the main meat of the matter.

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The Ringmaster: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds of..."

With a list of impossibly flavoursome bands and addictively thrilling releases on a CV longer than the list of excuses for Luis Suarez’s recent mid-match snack, the ubiquitous veteran rocker Sir Bald Diddley (aka Hipbone Slim) brings one of those stirring incitements out to play with a brand new album. The Indestructible Sounds Of The… is the new feverishly fleshed, raw breathed proposition from The Kneejerk Reactions, a release which casts out a rampant revelry of feet inducing garage bred rock ‘n’ roll aligned to a passion sparking sixties beat tempting.

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