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Piccadilly Records: The Thanes "Dishin' The Dirt" b/w "I Don't Want You"

Formed in 1980 using the name The Green Telescope, the idea was of playing the ’60s sounds that they were then discovering every day. They switched names to The Thanes (of Cawdor) in 1986, because says Lenny Helsing (lead guitar/vocals), “We wanted something with less of a psychedelic vibe, a name that would more accurately fit in with our sixties American teen-punk garage infatuation.”

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Making Time: The Thanes "Dishin' The Dirt"

And finally, the return of the veterans The Thanes with a vibrant single (ref DWC1068) with the own composition Dishin' The Dirt in the face To, primoroso garage example 60s (zigzagueante organ, sharpened guitars, tambourine, challenging and aggressive voice) and its version of I Don't Want You in the expensive B, original of 1966 of the Anteeks, a classic subterranean of beat in transit towards frekbeat that losThanes they insufflate of good doses of energy in his reverential reading of the original one.

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Fungal Punk: The Thanes "Dishin' The Dirt" b/w "I Don't Want You"

So, the garage punk legends have a release on the equally legendary Dirty Water Records - what a combo to savour. First formed in 1980 the band went under the name of The Green Telescope until making the change to The Thanes in 1987 the reason being they wanted a title with a less psychedelic vibe and something that more accurately fit in with our sixties American teen-punk garage infatuation.

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The RingMaster Review: The Thanes "Dishin' The Dirt"

We always have a healthy appetite for raw and fuzz bred sounds here and they do not come any more appealing than Dishin’ The Dirt, the new single from Scottish garage rock pioneers The Thanes. Consisting of two tracks which simply snarl at and rile up against the senses whilst treating them to a tasty blend of sonic acidity and melodic rapaciousness, the single is an infection soaked romp which ignites passions and commands feet.

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