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The RingMaster Review: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

Teasing and inciting with a heated passion and excitable energy living up to its title, Cookin’ Up A Party is an insatiably mischievous explosion of enterprise and fun from King Salami and the Cumberland 3. It is a thrilling instigator of devilment and lustful rapture brought on by its sensational conjurations of rhythm n blues soaked through with punk, soul, and the finest purest veins of vintage rock n roll and rockabilly.

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Uber Rock: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

How can you not like what King Salami do? Come on, be fair, on this album they throw about everything including the kitchen sink into this crazy paced rhythm & blues rock and rollin' jamboree. Sure, it's retro and been done about a bazillion times but this is London and the year is 2013 so what better time to get your funk on and party like it's nineteen fifty five?

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Pure Rawk: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

It’s one of my regular rants, but the 21st Century really does suffer from a dearth of good, original R’n’B (no, not Rhianna, rhythm and blues you fools). I mean, the trad rockabilly circuit has got the classic rock n roll sounds covered, but where’s a boy supposed to go when he’s finished with Ray Charles and wants something with a bit more teeth?

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The Amazing Wildfun's Killer Show: King Salami and the Cumberland 3 "Cookin' Up A Party"

Early next month of February will Cookin 'Up A Party, the band's second LP, owner of one of the most savagely funny direct a server has been enjoying of late. Their concerts become parties where spilling tons of primitive rock'n'roll, soul and rhythm'n'blues with Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Screaming Jay Hawkins

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