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Raw Power Magazine: The Vicars "I Wanna Be Your Vicar"

Vicars of the third album is just ... excellent. These English boys have made good progress since their previous album. Psychotic Beat (2009) is undoubtedly a good album, but a bit too monochrome. With I Wanna Be Your Vicar, the trio of Bury St Edmunds is faultless. Removed in half an hour, the album has little downtime or unnecessary piece.

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The RingMaster Review: Thee Vicars "I Wanna Be Your Vicar"

It has to be said that whenever there is a new release on Dirty Water Records there is always a twinge of anticipation and excitement, rarely has there been deep disappointment in the quality of the music from their bands. The same applies to the new album from Thee Vicars, a release that thrills and excites whilst lifting emotions no matter their starting point to a height of grinning satisfaction.

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