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Mudkiss: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

It’s like something from Kerouac’s On The Road - the dank smell of whiskey and stale cigarette smoke curls through the bar, thick and cancerous. It hangs in the witching hour gloom. A woman in stockings moans a tune from across the top of a battered grand piano. She’s sexy and dangerous and mostly every man sober enough to lift his head off the bar is swaying to her hypnotic spell. There are silhouettes of old negroes, sleazy looking men in shabby hats, sunken-eyed junkies - all clanking their bottles and stumbling around in the smog to the ramshackle clatter of the band.

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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

Some bands just know how to do more interesting things than others. The Dustaphonics is a band that knows how to grab your attention even before you hear anything on the album Party Girl (Dirty Water Records, 2011). I don't know about you, but album covers like that are enough to get me to check out the band's music. Then you hear the music and you experience a melange of surf, R&B, soul, and garage. Yes, really.

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Happening Magazine: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

These days every girl considers herself potential burlesque material. These days every half-wit with an axe thinks they can recapture the retro vibe through Bryl-creem and a swank two-tone ensemble. We are left in dire times. It's this whole old-new-old categorisation walloping it's guilded hand down and diverting us from straight-cut rock'n'roll party time values. Yet herein lie the middle grey, the space where the talented few, committed and bright, stick to their guns in an otherwise flooded market. I'm talking about The Dustaphonics and their new album Party Girl.

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SoundsXP: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

When a press release cites a band's influences as "Bo Diddley, Howlin Wolf, The Sonics and Louisiana Red", you generally know what to expect from the record before it's even got within spitting distance of a CD player. The Dustaphonics, however, are a little different. Firstly there's the cover; rather than skinny, sharply dressed throwbacks clutching vintage guitars, we're treated to a colourful drawing of a load of women dancing with far more vigour than is physically possible whilst in high heels (um, so I'm told). It doesn't quite add up until the play button is pressed and the volume cranked up. 

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Rockisome: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

First job over this explosive band of rock and roll led by the famous DJ, producer and guitarist , Healer Selecta, which began to walk this band almost as a laboratory product. But do not trabuquedes, as showed us their recent performances peninsular , this does not contradicts the fact that explosive led by singer Kay Elizabeth (Lisa Kekaula shakes!) Dustaphonics the live band are fused to a maximum , which conveys strength, feeling and equally fun.

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Billybop: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

With a vibrant mix of surf, burlesque and blues influences, Yvan Serrano brings us his first real Dustaphonics album Party Girl. Serrano is the winner of the most influential French Londoner award of 2011 and with his background as DJ, music producer, Event promoter and singer/songwriter this band leader surely deserves this title.

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