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vibratorbuzz: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

After I´ve already celebrated THE GAGGERS to the max comes another british Punkrock-Splinterbomb raining down on the mainland slashing and burning the lower limbs of all these smoochy bands who abused the title Punkrock for their shitty music in the past years. 
This is the long awaited debut (and if you didn´t wait for it, you know shit) of JOHNNY THROTTLE.

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The RingMaster Review: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

Infectiously nostalgic, energetically unbridled, and irrepressibly excitable the self titled album from UK punks Johnny Throttle is the perfect album. Yes if you analysed it there are edges and elements that could be ‘improved’ but the point of music is to exhilarate, inspire, and give a good time and Johnny Throttle do this in abundance.

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