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I-94 Bar: Muck and the Mires "A Cellarful of Muck"

More like a CD full of gems by the Boston band billed as Number One in the Garage Universe. You either get the garage thing or you don't.  God knows, the dance/trance crowd even hijacked the genre's name for a while, but it's back in safe hands now.  Muck and the Mires practice a particularly potent variant of this shit and have been around for a decade plus now.

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Distorsioni: Muck and the Mires "A Cellarful of Muck"

Il garage rock non è una questione di punti di vista, certi dettagli sono importanti. I Muck and the Mires hanno flirtato nell’arco di una diecina d’anni di carriera con personaggi del calibro di Ray Davies dei Kinks, Kim Fowley (che è stato anche loro produttore), New York Dolls, Monks, MC5 solo per citare i maggiori; nel 2004 sono arrivati primi alla “Little Steven’s battle of the bands”.

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SoundsXP: Muck and the Mires "A Cellarful Of Muck"

Such is the Britishness of Muck and the Mires sound that it comes as a big surprise to find that they hail from New England. 'A Cellarful Of Muck' doesn't try to hide its influences, it doesn't push boundaries and it doesn't try to pretend otherwise. This is pure, old fashioned garage rock 'n' roll and whether or not this album is for you depends purely on your stance towards the genre.

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