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Distorsioni: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

New release scheduled for April 11 for this ensemble reduced to a trio from the garage punk scene flourishing Spanish, surely one of the most interesting not only at European level. He had already noticed laDirty Water Records that after two years also publishes the work of that other Hollywood Sinners, and from the title is a guarantee.

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Mudkiss Fanzine: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

I’ll keep this review within the style of the album, brief and straight to the point, no filler. A three piece hailing from Toledo, Spain, Hollywood Sinners have produced 12 tracks of garage punk, which take just over 25 minutes of your life in one sitting.  New York Dolls influenced, with the majority of the songs in their native Spanish, don’t allow this to detract however.

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Musicopolis: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Disastro Garantito [Dirty Water Rcs., 2011] is the third long duration of this toledano trio that responds to the name of Hollywood Sinners, in whose formation it appears Edu Sinner, the organizer of the Go Sinner Go Fest by which there are past, among others, Reigning Sound, The Lyres, The Standells, The IBRDs,

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nosotrossomoslosmuertos: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Hollywood Sinners is one of the best bands of garage punk of the state. You will not be able to rest still less listening to his discs but if you go to see them in direct. My first time finishes exhausted, the second exhausted one, and third I am wishing that it arrives. With these sinful Hollywood's ones there is no place for the boredom.

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I-94 Bar: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

This Spanish trio has been spamming me for years with incomprehensible e-mails in their native tongue advertising their latest show. Their label's sent a promo of their latest album so it's time I got my own back by writing about them, instead of consigning their missives to junk mail or running their text through GoogleTranslate and wondering forever about the output.

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Making Time: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Garage-Punk hooligan and without compassion: that what they offer Hollywood to us Sinners in his new one and is waited for LP!  After WE WON'T CHANGE OUR STYLE, of which we spoke in 2008 on the occasion of his visit and concert, the group it returns with DISASTRO GARANTITO to offer twelve new pepinazos to us with guitarrazos, bases at full speed rythmicalhumor and bad grape published by the sensational British seal Dirty Water Record.


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Uber Rock: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Hailing from Spain, Hollywood Sinners put a big smile across my chops with their 60s Hives-lite frantic garage jamboree and regardless of the fact I can't understand a single word they're singing about doesn't detract from the crazy beats and frantic riffing. It's all shake your head, screamtastic rollocking fun and at the end of the day isn't that what rock 'n' roll is all about?

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