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Planeta Indie: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

Slight joy that we bring for today, “Gnuggets” of The Wildebeests, is a compilation that has sent to the seal Dirty Water Record in honor to some of the bands of garage and rock more powerful and productive `n `roll of the last years. A double album with all the 7”, singles and EP's that sent British Wildebeests between year 1994 and the 2006.

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Kristerbladh.co.uk: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

If you’re in the habit of checking out new releases on London garage label Dirty Water, you couldn’t have missed this extravagant singles compilation set by The Wildebeests from November last year. The Wildebeests is a trio with members from The Thanes, The Kaisers and The Milkshakes and were set to play the Big Stramash weekender next week. Sadly the festival, which had a reformed The Poets on the bill (finally with a reissue on Grapefruit), has had to be postponed, but I will still go to Edinburgh to check out The Higher State on the 29th.

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The Stool Pigeon: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

The Wildebeests are not the kind of garage band that you would hope to return to the garage that they crawled from to leave the engine running. Instead, the band features members of The Headcoats, Milkshakes, Thanes, Kaisers and Masonics, scuttling back to a fumigated time when rampant, raw beat music was as original as a SAAB 99.

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Penny Black Music: The Wildebeests: "Gnuggets"

Fans of what might be called ‘The Medway Sound’ should be familiar with the members of rhe Wildebeests - they’ve done time in the Delmonas, Masonics, the Thanes, the Kaisers, the Pop Rivets and Milkshakes. If you’ve got a Billy Childish album this compilation of 33 tracks previously available on a wide range of singles and suchlike will offer absolutely no surprises. If you are the easily surprised type, the 'Nuggets'-aping cover will presumably allow you to void even that.

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Uber Rock: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

Lo-fi be fucked, this double album from The Wildebeests has more hiss than a pit of vipers and, in fairness, more than enough venom within these tracks to give one a nasty nip, with some choice covers and originals to satisfy fans young and old. It's like a cool rock 'n' roll karaoke but with a singer (if you know what I mean) but sadly that's only the half of it. Half being the key word.

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