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Schwindy's Indie Music Spotlight: The Hentchmen "The Hentchmen"

In researching The Hentchmen, one recurring theme is that this is a band that likes to keep it simple and primitive. It doesn't take long to figure out that the band is pretty successful in that pursuit. First of all, the lineup is pretty simple: guitar, Farfisa and drums. Using those instruments, the band cranks out a sound that is on par with classic mid-60s garage.

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Uber Rock: The Hentchmen "The Hentchmen"

Detroit Rock City has given the music world some of the finest bands ever and has gotten itself a name for producing gritty, dirty garage rock from as far back as the 60's, so when a disc lands on my mat in 2010 and mentions the words 'garage' and 'Detroit' there's only one thing I can do and that's whip it out and start playing it - oh and put on the stereo of course and twist the dial up a few notches, sit back and listen.

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