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Losing Today: The Routes "Do What's Right By You"

Oh yes - more dirty jive jagged retro rock a boogie from those devil dealing dudes over at Dirty Water HQ, man i would happily sell my soul to get on their mailing list, this time of asking they’ve strayed their shade adorned sights to the turned on sound of the Routes - an anglo - Japanese trio we believe who’ve already set by all accounts tongues a-wagging furiously among vintage vibed 60’s beat grooved aficionados courtesy of a debut full length entitled ‘left my mind’ being picked up by (previously unknown to us) Irish imprint Motor Sounds.

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Jezebel Music: The Routes "Do What's Right By You"

In my blind, ignorant times, as I held fast to 2003 and prayed the Soledad Brothers would get back together, I sometimes felt that garage rock was dead. It’s not, obviously. But bear with me for a second here, and take my mental journey. “All the Detroit groups I love have changed or become culturally irrelevant!” I wailed. “All the other music journalists make fun of me!”

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