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Rock Around The Blog: Hollywood Sinners "We Won't Change Our Style"

Hollywood Sinners it is a trio from our neighbor Spain, characterized for the production of a “punk” noise more near of “garage-fest”, they had edited now its sixth release, “We Wont Change Our Style”, who hears this record will be able to have one “deja-vu”, because of the influences of garage, however these nothing disturb, not being in the true sense of the word “great song writers”, the Hollywood Sinners build them in authentic form and very well structured, being its objective the diversion that is to be on stage and to provide a great PARTY!!!!

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Raw Power Magazine: Hollywood Sinners "We Won't Change Our Style"

Hollywood Sinners come to remind us that Spain is one of the fiefdoms of the garage rock. Power trio come from Toledo and composed of Edu Sinner to the guitar and singing, Carmelo Tornado low and Oscar with the battery, our three rogues offers a garage with the rock, and gross primitive sound.

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