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i94bar.com - Interview with John Felice of the Real Kids

ohn Felice is one of rock’n’roll’s unsung heroes. A founding member of the Modern Lovers at the age of 15, he quit the band before the sessions that resulted in their classic album, and was subsequently written out of the history of one of the most influential bands of the ‘70s. 

The band he left to form, the Kids, made some local waves but ultimately went nowhere, pretty much coming to an end when he went off to New York to audition for the Heartbreakers - a job he turned down.

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Heatwave Magazine: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Ugly Mobile"

Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers are probably the best at paying homage to the great pioneers of rock n roll that I have heard lately. Sir Bald Diddley, aka ‘Hipbone Slim,’ aka ‘the Bald Bomber’, leads the band. He is a magician when it comes to strings and a wild devil on stage. At his side are Bruce ‘Bash’ Brand, a legendary rock n roll drummer with decades of amazing work up his sleeves, and the grand Gastus Receedus on the bass and harmonica. I dare you to check out the backgrounds of each one of these true masters, but be sure you’ll have yourself a good week or two, for these three have been everywhere and done it all. No wonder you can’t find a single fault in this album, for the members of Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers have been playing in more combos and records than I have eaten tacos. And I love tacos.

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Muso's Guide: Radio Birdman at the Dirty Water Club

It’s not often that you get the chance to see rock and roll legends playing a venue as small as the Tufnell Park Dome. As such, the announcement that the London leg of the 2015 Radio Birdman tour would be stopping here wasn’t something I was going to miss despite the pre-ordained result of a Wednesday morning hangover and a warm Tuesday night found me sitting on the tube clutching a cold beer on the way to north London. For once my timekeeping is on point enough to catch the opener, a high octane blast of punk rock 'n' roll from the brilliantly named Michael Jackson. A four piece with a sound easily big enough to fill the room (the crowd was yet to fill out that much), their no frills garage sound is clearly underpinned by a strong musical ability.

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