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Louder Than War on Dirty Water (18 May 2017)

Louder Than War: You’ve come a hell of a way since then. How did the rest of the Dirty Water gang get on board?

“Well, another regular at the club night who became a friend, Paul Manchester, who was originally from Boston, USA, but had been living in London for years already by then, loved the idea of being part of a record label. He also desperately wanted to see a 1979 single by Boston band Lyres re-pressed (which became DWC1003). And I figured that without a helping hand or two, I’d only get around to putting out two, maybe three, records a year.

At his suggestion, pretty much straight away, Diego Dominguez came on board too. And more recently, two or three years ago, PR & publicity supremo Matt Hunter joined us. All of us come from very different backgrounds and our varied skills seemed to fit together quite well, while our similar, but not completely overlapping, tastes in music sees us all doing a bit of A&R, discovering bands that another of us might inadvertently pass by or never even come across in the first place.

Without the huge input from the other three guys I’d probably just be doing two or three releases a year. It’s a big job to do by yourself. Especially as I was still doing weekly gigs when the label started. With a team like this working together we’ve made amazing strides, I think. They’ve helped to develop the label and make it into something bigger than I could have ever done by myself.”

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London Times: The Gories at Dirty Water Club

The Gories may be an obscure name, but their influence far outweighs their popularity. Inspired by 1950s R&B and mid-1960s high school garage bands, this Detroit trio came together in 1986 to make incredibly primitive rock’n’roll: jungle drums, two buzzsaw guitars knocking out basic chords and scratchy riffs, no bass, lyrics about cheap wine and bad women.

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Razorcake: King Khan & Black Lips at Dirty Water Club 27 August 04

Went to see the Black Lips a couple times a couple months ago. Was gonna write one of them academic type papers about it, call it "The Windmill vs. The Dirty Water Club: A Comparative Study of the Black Lips." Maybe submit it to a fancy journal and get myself a "ten year" track position teachin' at Harvard. But my study habits have always sucked, no doubt, in part, to my drinking habits bordering on reckless.

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Penny Black Music: 5-6-7-8s at Dirty Water Club 4 June 04

All-girl rock ‘n’ rollers the 5,6,7,8’s were pretty much guaranteed to sell out north London’s small Dirty Water Club off the back of their appearance in Tarantino’s gore-fest tribute to old B-movies, 'Kill Bill'. The Japanese rockers have been around for a while, but it seems to have taken a cameo in an over-the-top homage to a faded genre to get them noticed. This is kind of appropriate.

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