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Musica Inclasificable: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck"

Considered the combination of The Beatles in 1964 with the Ramones 1977, Muck And The Mires are an original quartet from Boston who likes to create short songs that have the power of punk and garage, but also contain doses of powerpop, blues and are soulful.

For their latest LP, entitled Dial 'M' For Muck, they composed a dozen songs that keep the same style that has been touring the US and European. Already a few years ago were the winners by Little Steven Van Zandt (member of the E Street Band Bruce Springsteen and broadcaster Underground Garage radio show) looking more energetic group of underground rock country. If that was not enough, remember that they have shared the stage with the likes of Dick Dale, Dictators, Supersuckers, Ray Davies and MC5, among others, which allows us to understand a little of his sound.

With a peculiar history, the group was unintentionally. Around 2000, Muck (Evan Shore, former member of The Queers and The Voodoo Dolls) recorded a home demo under the name of Muck And The Mires, pretending to be a recording of the sixties lost in time, which immediately caught the attention of various labels, but ultimately those who were commissioned to edit Amp Records on CD and vinyl Soundflat Records. The album took the strange title of All Mucked Up - The Best of The Muck And The Mires, and to date many people think it is a greatest hits of an old band, when in fact it is the first material of an imaginary project . Given the expectations and good reception, Evan decided to recruit other musicians, now formally conceive Muck And The Mires.

Back to the present, which the quartet recorded this album released by the British label Dirty Water Records are issues that follow the structure of an average pop song, but with energy and euphoric screams that only rock can generate. There dotted fuzz guitars, hypnotic keyboard and a battery that always marks the same rate.

No false pretenses, they do not care about changing the world or implement a particular political ideology, all that matters is that you shake and perspire while enjoying any of his compositions, for surely they will do it onstage.

Making Time Fanzine: Muck and the Mires "Dial 'M' for Muck

Monday 24 of November will be the date in which Dirty Water Records releases their third LP by the titans of garage-rock. From Boston… Muck and The Mires! With a as sesentero title as DIAL “M” FOR MUCK! the quartet gives twelve tracks that are not limited to a furious garage of ankle boots and fringe but they are sufficiently flexible to contribute other received apuntos good for the degustador of the good rock. Without doubt, it's their best disc to date!

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Paisley Umbrella: Muck and the Mires "Hypnotic"

Muck and The Mires gave us a little teaser last year for their upcoming Kim Fowley produced release, Hypnotic. The long wait will finally end on April 9th. It's been too long! The opening "Doreen" somehow sounds much better now. Drummer Jessie Best kicks up a sweet, loud beat while Evan "Muck" Shore throws in superb, unadelterated chords on his Muckenbacker while gravelling jubilantly.

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Bucketful of Brains: Muck and the Mires "Hypnotic"

Much like Hypnotic‘s 3-d  album cover, the music of Muck and the Mires comes straight at you. Kim Fowley’s production is sharp and thin – he usually just throws the songs out there without fanfare (“Cocoa Beach” does get a roll of surf). When the songs are strong enough, like the garage crunch of “Crush on Me” and the killer opening track “Doreen”, it appears to be a marriage made in heaven.

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