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Penny Black Music: The Wildebeests: "Gnuggets"

Fans of what might be called ‘The Medway Sound’ should be familiar with the members of rhe Wildebeests - they’ve done time in the Delmonas, Masonics, the Thanes, the Kaisers, the Pop Rivets and Milkshakes. If you’ve got a Billy Childish album this compilation of 33 tracks previously available on a wide range of singles and suchlike will offer absolutely no surprises. If you are the easily surprised type, the 'Nuggets'-aping cover will presumably allow you to void even that.

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Uber Rock: The Wildebeests "Gnuggets"

Lo-fi be fucked, this double album from The Wildebeests has more hiss than a pit of vipers and, in fairness, more than enough venom within these tracks to give one a nasty nip, with some choice covers and originals to satisfy fans young and old. It's like a cool rock 'n' roll karaoke but with a singer (if you know what I mean) but sadly that's only the half of it. Half being the key word.

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