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Sugar Buzz Magazine: Raw Fun "Won't Be Told"

Raw Fun is a modern day rock and roll success story. From origin to E.P., the chips fall with favor for these trashy rock scoundrels based in London, England. The group was set to play, and commenced with live performances just weeks after their first rehearsal. Raw Fun then posted a demo on their Facebook page that drew in producer Jim Diamond, who mixed the groups 8-track recordings in his Ghetto Recorders Studio located in Detroit. That’s impressive shit as Jim is hugely know for his tenure in The Dirtbombs and producing notables such as The Sonics as well as The White Stripes.

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Uber Rock: Thee Exciters "Perpetual Happening"

Heading back to the old school are Thee Exciters, part of Dirty Water's roster from the new school and 'Dinosaur Traffic' has a right amp full of late '60s garage going on. From the vintage tones to the vocal effect it's a decent riff and a decent tune to be fair but it's neither a slow grinder nor of a fast tempo if that makes any sense?

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