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Durango Herald: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Archie and the Bunkers are a duo comprised of teenaged brothers Emmet (14, drums/vocals) and Cullen (16, organ/vocals) O’Connell playing self-described Hi-Fi Organ Punk, no guitar or bass, just a four piece drum kit, an organ and the commingling of guttural, frenetic vocals that demonstrate maturity well beyond their years.

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Dynamite Magazine: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

Los Bengala are probably not a classic rock'n'roll band: They are a duo from Northern Spain, which initially took place in the region soul and funk , but now obviously wanted to have a little fun. The label Dirty Water discovered the guitarist and the drummer on stage in London and was instantly in love with this snotty - trashy sound.

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Pure Rawk: Los Bengala "Incluso Festivos"

Incluso Festivos is a great hidden gem of an album.  Los Bengala are unlikely to become household names in this country due to the language barrier, but they have a great sound with terrific, catchy choruses (even though I can’t understand the lyrics), big hooks, and excellent riffs.  There is a real summery quality to their music, and the Spanish twist that permeates every corner of this album is a welcome change of pace.  A fantastic surprise, and a genuinely excellent album. 5/5

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Record Hunter: Whatcha Gonna Do About It c/w Always Running Around - The Evil (Capitol, German pressing, 1967)

The original release of this Miami, Florida band was on the Living Legends label in 1966, which apparently has more feedback and distortion than the re-mixed version that came out when Capitol licensed it a few months later, expecting it to be a big hit. I have a German pressing with what is possibly the most boring picture sleeve in the world (a photo of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles) - it wasn't issued in the UK. I used to think that the Evil was the same group under a different name that was earlier called the Montells, because an album on the Australian Corduroy Records put both bands on the same reissue LP (in the mid-1990s). They have their similarities, including having the same bass player. But they were separate entitites. And the Evil is the better band by some way (though don't let that stop you buying anything by the Montells should you be lucky enough to chance upon anything by them). If you want to know more about The Evil and sixties Florida bands in general see if you can track down a copy of Jeff Lemlich's fabulous book "Savage Lost (Florida Garage Bands - The '60s And Beyond)".

The RingMaster Review: The Arrogants "Introducing ..."

The first striking thing, apart from four stomping songs, about Introducing… the new EP from French garage rockers The Arrogants, is the passion and obvious relish the band has for their music and its seeds. The release is a potent and energetic encounter which in presence alone gets the listener swiftly involved and feeling the heart of the band. The fact that the songs are also raw and vibrant slices of feverish enterprise does the success of the EP no harm either.

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Making Time: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Garage-Punk hooligan and without compassion: that what they offer Hollywood to us Sinners in his new one and is waited for LP!  After WE WON'T CHANGE OUR STYLE, of which we spoke in 2008 on the occasion of his visit and concert, the group it returns with DISASTRO GARANTITO to offer twelve new pepinazos to us with guitarrazos, bases at full speed rythmicalhumor and bad grape published by the sensational British seal Dirty Water Record.


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Uber Rock: Hollywood Sinners "Disastro Garantito"

Hailing from Spain, Hollywood Sinners put a big smile across my chops with their 60s Hives-lite frantic garage jamboree and regardless of the fact I can't understand a single word they're singing about doesn't detract from the crazy beats and frantic riffing. It's all shake your head, screamtastic rollocking fun and at the end of the day isn't that what rock 'n' roll is all about?

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Rock Around The Blog: Hollywood Sinners "We Won't Change Our Style"

Hollywood Sinners it is a trio from our neighbor Spain, characterized for the production of a “punk” noise more near of “garage-fest”, they had edited now its sixth release, “We Wont Change Our Style”, who hears this record will be able to have one “deja-vu”, because of the influences of garage, however these nothing disturb, not being in the true sense of the word “great song writers”, the Hollywood Sinners build them in authentic form and very well structured, being its objective the diversion that is to be on stage and to provide a great PARTY!!!!

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Terrell's Tuneup: Los Peyotes "Introducing ..."

Back in the mid ’60s, when “96 Tears” and “Wooly Bully” ruled the airwaves, the heroes of the sound that would later be termed “garage rock” were Hispanics. Question Mark and all of his Mysterians were Chicanos. So was Domingo Samudio, better known as Sam the Sham, who with The Pharaohs blended Tex-Mex and Memphis soul into an exciting sound.

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I-94 Bar: The Arrogants "Introducing..."

Like Johnny Appleseed, The Strypes travel the world and beget a host of similar teenage bands playing garage and beat rock and roll. At least that’s how we all want the story to go. The simultaneous existence The Arrogrants in the same hemisphere might be a complete coincidence, but there’s no mistaking the common influences and sheer unbridled firepower that this band packs.

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Fungal Punk: King Salami and the Cumberland 3: "Trubble Trubble"

Of this outfit I know nothing so here is a quote from ReverbNation to help clarify things a little:- 'After all having roamed around the globe separately, four freaks teamed up in London as King Salami & The Cumberland 3. They bring forth up-tempo party Stompin' Rhythm'n'Blues played according to the basic principles of the old London school of Trash. 

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