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Record Hunter: I Ain't Dead Yet - The What-Knots (Dial, USA, December 1967)

A random record pulled off the shelf for you today. Don't be deceived by the slow, mournful Hammond organ start to the song - this one's a real garage screamer but with a blue-eyed soul vibe that'll drag you onto the dance floor. On the Nashville-based Dial label, known to many soul fans for numerous Joe Tex releases, for whom owner Buddy Killen set up the label (there's no link with the jazz label of the same name out of Hollywood), there's nothing more I can tell you about 'em. They're a mystery... There are other versions of this song, including one that seems to be a bit more well known, by a group called The Breakers. But, for what it's worth, I prefer The What-Knots.

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