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Fungal Punk: Thee Vicars "Every Day"

Hailing from Bury St Edmunds these maestros of the turbine tones make a clatter to rattle yer knackers to and judder your primitive instincts with. Imagine a fully oiled musical machine made bare, injected with a sublime life-force built on horror and degradation and then ordered to make music in the deepest, unholy cavern where only the most curious doth tread.

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The RingMaster Review: Thee Vicars "I Wanna Be Your Vicar"

It has to be said that whenever there is a new release on Dirty Water Records there is always a twinge of anticipation and excitement, rarely has there been deep disappointment in the quality of the music from their bands. The same applies to the new album from Thee Vicars, a release that thrills and excites whilst lifting emotions no matter their starting point to a height of grinning satisfaction.

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