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ROCK: Los Chicos "In The Age Of Stupidity"

Los Chicos is a five-man rock'n'roll machine picking up of the best ingredients from The Cramps, The Fleshtones, The Lust-O-Rama and Willy B Review. Season so with a dash of new wave ala Wreckless Eric and a hint of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, so do all that this Spanish band sucks nourishment from a deep dish with exquisite ingredients. With two guitarists pumps garagerockete riffs and biting solos both against and with each other, tough rhythm section and a distinctive throat singer on top, stock Los Chicos garage rock'n'roll-fest from beginning to end.

Moreover, they lasted up with nice songs could just as easily have been written and recorded 45 years ago as in 2013. "In The Age of Stupidity" is Los Chicos' fifth album and is sure to spin regularly in my living room for a long time.

Dag Bøgeberg

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