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Pure Rawk: King Salami and the Cumberland Three "Cookin' Up A Party"

It’s one of my regular rants, but the 21st Century really does suffer from a dearth of good, original R’n’B (no, not Rhianna, rhythm and blues you fools). I mean, the trad rockabilly circuit has got the classic rock n roll sounds covered, but where’s a boy supposed to go when he’s finished with Ray Charles and wants something with a bit more teeth?

Step in London’s King Salami and The Cumberland Three. Playing a potent blend of sausage-influenced gonzo rhythm and blues, fronted by the eponymous maraca brandishing King Salami, part manic Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, part Symarip-style gang leader, this is just the tonic for a world that’s forgotten how to dance.

Following up nicely where 2010s Fourteen Blazin’ Bangers left off, I suppose perhaps the extra-special ingredient in the King’s secret recipe, beyond the mans own charisma, is a big dash of punk energy from ex-members of The Parkinson’s, amongst others. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming either. It’s not a direct musical link, but you can see some of that vibe soaking through in these two and a half minute blasts.

You could argue that maybe this is a bit of a 50s/60s Americana throwback, and yeah there is the odd knowing wink to the High School Dance et al, but really, good rhythm is timeless. Thoroughly recommended for anyone that likes to move their hips, click their fingers and swing, as well as just going a bit mental.

Dave Ashworth

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