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Ox Magazine: Johnny Throttle "Johnny Throttle"

[translated from German by Google Translate] The vanguard of new punk rock bands from the UK brings us another high-class representatives, JOHNNY THROTTLE, who after giving us after two thrilling singles finally explode a full-length cluster bomb, which is stuffed with all sorts of outstanding traditional punk rock offerings.

Satan's Rats brew the beer with Johnny Thunders of Heartbreakers era, whilst Cheetah Chrome gives Dead Boys-lessons on guitar,the Roxy club has re-opened with the manic Johnny Quid, the illegitimate son of the ass cracks-jeans of Iggy Pop, sharing the stage with his men. All of them have in recent years dragged the doily-rock of the word punk in the dirt.

Forget Johnny Rotten and his butter adverts, forget the whole reunion garbage of aging drivers on the annual Punk & Dumborderley festival. This is the sound of today, straight from the dirty back streets of London, directly into your intestines.

I do not care what happened yesterday. Bands like Johnny Throttle make their own 1977 and, in any case, they would blow away their predecessors - Killyjoys, Eater, Drones, Valves - Johnny Throttle have more power than them all.

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's Johnny Throttle.

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