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Happening Magazine: MFC Chicken "Music for Chicken"

Making fresh inroads into today's scene is this new, oddly-named London-based rock'n'roll loving outfit with their supremely saxxy and highly organic Dirty Water Records label debut. And in all honesty at its most pumped up and savvy, "Music For Chicken" with its gut-crunging vocals, revved-up fretting and relentless kit-thump action recalls a little something of the wired intensity that was once thrown out by the likes of The Sonics, and their fabulous northwest rockin' brethren, The Wailers - and I don't think I'm being bang out of order to say so either. 'Holloway Road', 'Man Size Tissue' and the great closing number 'Fifty-Seven Acres Of Pain', alongside the more lyrical twists of 'Laundromatic' and 'Royal We' are some of the standout offerings from this fun-packed ride. Much chicken-filled humour notwithstanding, this is one notably effective long-playing modern rock'n'roll shot in the arm.

Lenny Helsing

Dirty Water Records London