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Funkalicious: The Dustaphonics "Party Girl"

The Dustaphonics are not easily categorised, including elements of soul, garage rock, surf guitar, classic R&B, funk and with a touch of punk attitude, it’s a melting pot boiled down to a dynamic groove that includes high energy party stompers, cultish downtempo bar sleaze, to smouldering surf-guitar instrumentals. This diversity is also reflected in the London band’s cosmopolitan make-up, led by French-Spanish guitarist, producer and DJ, Yvan Serrano (Healer Selecta), San Franciscan soul singer Kay Elizabeth, and Brits: garage drummer Bruce Brand and bassist Michael Jablonka appear amongst a roster of guests. It is also varied in that the musical influences here are essentially American and vintage, and yet there is something remarkably progressive and English about its sound, with a distinct London attitude.

What really comes across on this record is the band’s energy and dynamism – the wide range of influences bounce off each other explosively, creating a sound with a definite and unique edge. There is a riotous sense of fun in the party groove attitude of tracks like “Party Girl”, “When You Gonna Learn” and “The Jinx”; whilst the downtempo tracks ooze cult cool on “Catwoman’ Strut” and “Burlesque Queen”, co-written with Tura Satana, star of the film “Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill” and sung smokily by Kay Elizabeth. Then there are the surf-guitar instrumentals, “Eat My Dust A Phonic” opens the album with a high speed trip down a 60′s speedway complete with samples, whilst Mariachi horns add spice to the surf groove of “Showman Twang Tiki Gods”. The delta-blues of “Wrecking My Life” adds to the nostalgic Americana and we are even treated to an Instrumental version of the Sonic’s “Shot Down” and a tribute to a certain influence on “Take It From Diddley”.

A seriously fun and energetic slice of rock & soul, “Party Girl” smacks of style and attitude, with a huge range of influences that all compliment each other in one big, hip and happening sound.


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