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Fungal Punk: King Salami and the Cumberland 3: "Trubble Trubble"

Of this outfit I know nothing so here is a quote from Reverbnation to help clarify things a little:- 'After all having roamed around the globe separately, four freaks teamed up in London as King Salami & The Cumberland 3. They bring forth up-tempo party Stompin' Rhythm’n’Blues played according to the basic principles of the old London school of Trash. Their sound is crude like the guitar of Link Wray. In their short existence they gathered a large following of party freaks worldwide that are doing The Mojo Workout with them hypnotized worldwide'. Sexy hey? Requested for review by those fine releasers of all things obscure, namely Dirty Water Records, this is a double flip side oddity that fits in...nowhere. Just the way I like it and be it good or bad I will do my bit to be the same- just the way you should like it!

Side A offers us 'Trubble Trubble' a song that starts with a demanding Hawaii Five-0 drum shuffle and roll before the groovy rich tones of the front mouth call us to listen on in and get down with the vibe. The guitars scuttle about, the drums flip and flop with insect -like nervousness and the general gist of the song is very wise-assed with a flamboyant Mardi Gras approach full of partying funkiness and essential eagerness. When the sax gatecrashes the vitality levels increase and with screeches and high doses of bluesed up inflection from all departments this is a fuckin' beauty to jitterbug around to until those winkle pickers burst into flame. As soon as we are done we are requested to flip the record, so here goes...

'Jellyfish' booms in with big chief drums that don't have the chance to feel lonely as the glistening six-stringed jerker chaperones and adds the crucial style factor. The bass vibrates the ass out of the melodic pants and the instrumental we have on our hands is an irresistible morsel of rocking and rolling brilliance. Very retrospective with one or two clichéd touches but what the hell - just jack down yer booty and waggle away to some fine music my man.

That's it - 2 songs, 2 songs way out of the punk stratosphere and 2 very appealing jaunts of jolliness and jerky quirky funkiness. It is a small piece of unadulterated, unabashed fun - check it out - I am so glad I have.

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