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Dig It! Magazine: MFC Chicken "Music For Chicken"

If you enjoy a good laugh on a rock'n'roll disc, then rush to put this on your record player without hesitation. They are English and with a fixation about chicken ... This is normal since the two founders of the group met in a diner that specializes in poultry of the cheap KFC kind.

They are also obsessed with the Pacific Northwest Sound - especially pre-1966, Sonics and Wailers, course, also the Kingsmen and Frantics, with warlike incursions into territories of Rhythm'n'Blues (we hear the ghost of Howling Wolf!).

The MFC Chicken sound is driven by a Canadian singer-saxophonist (it's a long time since we saw a singer-saxophonist!) who makes quite a show on stage, kneeling down, blowing like a lost man, chest thrown back, duelling with the organ of Parsley, the Dutronc-tribute band from 1990s London (who is on keyboards in the Swedish band Dee Rangers).

The Pacific Northwest is the floor they are on, but MFC Chicken are smart enough not to risk taking on the Sonics in the field of savage garage punk. However, it does not stop Alonso, the Brazilian guitarist, scratching the ears when it is his turn to spit a wicked solo.

Little game for the summer: Try to recognize the various diversions of the classic book of rock'n'roll to which group adhere, from Keep A Knockin to Comanche through Goo Goo Muck and Tequila ...

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