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RingMaster Review: The Cavemen "The Cavemen"

With a name like The Cavemen, you instantly give a suggestion of sound and character before a note is flung at ears. Thoughts imagine something raw and primal; a sound stripped to the bone with no concern for niceties and that is exactly what you get in the New Zealander’s self-titled debut album. The Cavemen creates attitude driven garage punk ‘n’ roll which simply stirs up the punk inside and twists it into songs which are as addictively contagious as they are belligerently mischievous.

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Fungal Punk: The Cavemen "The Cavemen"

From Auckland, New Zealand comes a crew of slag rock sleazers who dish up a foul monstrosity of musical deviancy loaded with rabid desires conjured from a garaged grimoire that summons up many mental phantoms of disease.  The noise is ravenous, feeds on your will and appeals to the most raw-boned basic instincts us music lovers all find within.  I am sure those of a more cleansed faith will find this nauseating filth to get thoroughly tuned out by but to the more ardent and twisted imps of acoustica then it will be a case of erections aplenty that will be an utter pleasure jack off.  It happens, get over it, I am going in head first regardless of any advice - fuck you!

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i94bar.com - Interview with John Felice of the Real Kids

ohn Felice is one of rock’n’roll’s unsung heroes. A founding member of the Modern Lovers at the age of 15, he quit the band before the sessions that resulted in their classic album, and was subsequently written out of the history of one of the most influential bands of the ‘70s. 

The band he left to form, the Kids, made some local waves but ultimately went nowhere, pretty much coming to an end when he went off to New York to audition for the Heartbreakers - a job he turned down.

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RingMaster Review: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Ugly Mobile"

With some artists, the news of a new release sparks a twitch in the hips and itch in the feet. Such it is with Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers after enjoying four slabs of the band’s individual rock ‘n’ roll, and such it was coming into new album Ugly Mobile. Containing fourteen slices of multi-flavoured incitements bred on the seeds of original rhythm ’n’ blues, the album is manna for the ears and a puppeteer to the body. Released via the ever treat giving Dirty Water Records, the press release for Ugly Mobile stated that the album is the band’s “finest offering so far!” After the umpteenth romp with the irresistible release, we can find no reasons to disagree.

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Heatwave Magazine: Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers "Ugly Mobile"

Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers are probably the best at paying homage to the great pioneers of rock n roll that I have heard lately. Sir Bald Diddley, aka ‘Hipbone Slim,’ aka ‘the Bald Bomber’, leads the band. He is a magician when it comes to strings and a wild devil on stage. At his side are Bruce ‘Bash’ Brand, a legendary rock n roll drummer with decades of amazing work up his sleeves, and the grand Gastus Receedus on the bass and harmonica. I dare you to check out the backgrounds of each one of these true masters, but be sure you’ll have yourself a good week or two, for these three have been everywhere and done it all. No wonder you can’t find a single fault in this album, for the members of Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers have been playing in more combos and records than I have eaten tacos. And I love tacos.

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Muso's Guide: Radio Birdman at the Dirty Water Club

It’s not often that you get the chance to see rock and roll legends playing a venue as small as the Tufnell Park Dome. As such, the announcement that the London leg of the 2015 Radio Birdman tour would be stopping here wasn’t something I was going to miss despite the pre-ordained result of a Wednesday morning hangover and a warm Tuesday night found me sitting on the tube clutching a cold beer on the way to north London. For once my timekeeping is on point enough to catch the opener, a high octane blast of punk rock 'n' roll from the brilliantly named Michael Jackson. A four piece with a sound easily big enough to fill the room (the crowd was yet to fill out that much), their no frills garage sound is clearly underpinned by a strong musical ability.

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Six Noises: The Cavemen "The Cavemen"

A couple of weeks back, I pointed the Six Noises’ spotlight at Cemetery Circuit, the heavy-duty debut album from roughneck New Zealand surf punk combo The Dobermen. Cemetery Circuit features bleeding-raw garage rock and twangin’ rockabilly, both of which often thrum along at a motorik pace. However, what Cemetery Circuit also features––some might say, most of all––is a big old dose of swaggering attitude. That’s what The Dobermen are known for: going hell for leather, not giving a shit what you or I think, and spoiling for a fight.

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Detroit's Sonic Reducer - Jim Diamond: 'Exile on Ghetto Street'

Jim Diamond probably needs no introduction; the wizard proprietor of Detroit’s legendary (and now sadly defunct) Ghetto Recorders has put his magic touch on an impressive collection of some of the world’s best records from the garage and real rock-n-roll scene since 1996. Having played bass in The Dirtbombs and responsible for curating the raw primal sound of the first two White Stripes albums, Jim was instrumental in capturing another glorious chapter in Detroit’s historic music scene. After amassing an esteemed list of clientele, his signature trademark can be heard on some of rock’s most celebrated artists ever to be burned to wax: The Sonics, Andre Williams, The Fleshtones, The Hentchmen, New Bomb Turks, The John Spencer Blues Explosion and countless others. 

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Shipping costs to Greece

Dear friends and customers in Greece,

It is with heavy hearts that we have to change our shipping policy to locations in Greece. We simply get too many claims of non-receipt to make normal shipping viable.

**To be absolutely clear - we do not think our friends and customers in Greece are falsely claiming non-receipt, but it seems clear that someone or something along the delivery chain is frequently preventing our packages from getting through. And we can't afford that.**

We will still ship retail packages to Greece but, effective immediately, our new pricing structure for shipping to Greece will include the charge for tracked & signed delivery.

It won't affect the cost of larger orders too badly, but it will make the cost of smaller orders a bit expensive. We are truly sorry, but don't think we have any alternative.

Kind regards,

Dirty Water Records

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Making Time: Les Grys-Grys "Left Unseen"

In the past Purple Weekend held in December I was frankly shocked, almost knocked out for several concerts with bands in grace, from folk psychedelic rock of The Ripe through the garage of The Loons until the power pop Kurt Baker Combo, and of course the R & B black and amphetamine Les Grys-Grys, the first concert I could see the festival and made only those moments of delight that seemed to transport me to a club of R & London B in 1964/65 deserved worth the trip and disbursement.
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Música Inclasificable: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

To welcome 2016, the British label Dirty Waters Records released its first launch of the year, which is the calling card of Harry Violet & The Sharks, a devilish quartet from the ever-rainy London.

Unlike other groups that tend to build on its sound to the guitar or drums, in the case of this combo it is the prime instrument saxophone in charge of directing the course of the two themes that make up the 7 ".

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Heatwave Magazine: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

A dark, sax-driven rock and roll band – this is how Harry Violet & the Sharks define themselves, and rightly so. It’s delightful to see such a big revival of the saxophone; it played a vital part back in the golden days and it’s astonishing to see what the new bands are doing with this grandiose sax appeal. It doesn’t stop here, however, these new bands of young musicians like our Harry Violet & the Sharks have a sincerely deep knowledge of the classic beats of the 20th century, from rhythm and blues to garage rock, rockabilly to surf, free jazz to 12-bar blues, even from hard rock to punk. Rock and roll stands for them all, it glorifies each and every genre in an eternal musical haven embrace. These are joyful days we are experiencing in this fresh new music scene!

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RingMaster Review: Harry Violet and the Sharks "Jungle Cavalcade"

Thanks to Dirty Water Records, we can now reveal the Devil’s rock ‘n’ roll representatives in the UK; a band going under the name of Harry Violet and the Sharks with the sole intent of putting a hex on hips and mischief in the heart. Evidence comes courtesy of debut single Jungle Cavalcade, a two-track incitement of dark fifties/sixties bred rock ‘n’ roll from a band “crawling the streets of London, intent on mixing dive-bar jive and 12-bar rhythms with nightmarish grooves”.

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Heatwave Magazine: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

I was pretty excited when I first heard two songs from these guys, imagine when listening to the whole album. How old are they again?

Archie and the Bunkers, inspired by the funny Archie Bunker from All In The Family, is a couple of teenage brothers from Cleveland– Emmet on the drums and Cullen on the organ and lead vocals. No guitar, no bass, just a four-piece drum, an organ and two incredible mature souls with the energy of, well, teenagers.

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Heatwave Magazine: The Arrogants "No Time To Wait"

So, you’re telling me that this band is from this very present. Like, from the now? Hmm… Let’s just say I believe you. *wink*

The Arrogants are five, allegedly from our lifetime, really cool French teenagers, who already supported such notables like The Pretty Things and Lenny Kravitz. Their album was produced by Healer Selecta (aka Yvan Serrano of The Dustaphonics), recorded at the studio of the National Belgian Corporation in just three days, and mastered by Pete Maher (The Killers, Rolling Stones, U2 and Jack White).

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