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Pure Rawk: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Third album from Holloway-based poultry-obsessed rock ‘n’ rollers MFC Chicken, and it’s pretty much a straight continuation of their debut, 2011’s Music For Chicken, and 2013’s Solid Gravy!  There’s a bit of ‘50s style greaser rock and a bit of ‘60s garage rock in there liberally sprinkled with some honking sax, and it’s all good fun.

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RingMaster Review: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!"

Determined to once again twist hips and bodies into shapes and directions never meant to be, MFC Chicken once more get virulently riotous with third album M.F.C. Chicken Time! It is another bundle of their inimitable fifties bred stomp of rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ’n’ blues, and more of the delicious revelry which marked the band’s previous pair of acclaimed albums. Theirs is a sound which has discovered its perfect recipe but conjures new tasty delights from the same irresistible ingredients. It is aural fast-food pleasure to get greedy over but as the new encounter proves, using familiar spices does not have to lead to predictability or the absence of ingenuity.

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Muso's Guide: MFC Chicken "It's ... MFC Chicken Time!

I was wondering how long the Colonel and the boys could keep the chicken gag going for, but they've now clocked up their 3rd LP on Dirty Water Records. Another portion of deep fried authentic greasy rock ‘n’ roll that you can dance your little tootsies off to. Proving that they are more than a mere novelty; check in here for ‘music The Sonics were listening to’.

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Ringmaster Review: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Dubbed as ‘Hi-Fi Organ Punk’, the Archie and the Bunkers sound, to simplify things, is a compelling mix of garage punk and masterfully stripped back rock ‘n’ roll infused with a contagious revelry which has ears and imagination spinning. Created on drums, organ, and vocals alone, it is an enticing which has feet and emotions fully involved in scant minutes whilst in regard to its creators, to use the phrase Paul from Dirty Water Records, who are releasing the US duo’s self-titled debut album, used when introducing them to us, “There is no one like them."

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Bonz: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

I do not know how old are the two young , but Emmett on drums that's really on it and Cullen anyway. That she's put her Vids under Creative Common Licence sympha and va that they produceeverything ourselves just fits perfectly to his garage punk. From Cleveland, Ohio the
influence of Jimmy Smith , Richard " Groove " Holmes come is simply not to be missed.

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Kids and Heroes: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Their eponymous debut prepares for October brotherly duo Archie And The Bunkers from Cleveland, Ohio. Their post-punk rock'n'roll , just played the drums and organ, in addition to a nice simplicity and beautiful goth atmosphere , and is one of the hot candidates to the discovery of the year. Incidentally, drummer and pianist have just 16 and 14 years.

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Joyzine UK: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Fresh faced Cleveland siblings Archie & The Bunkers have a wailing organ led rock & roll sound, backed up by singing drummer Emmett’s fervent vocal.  They showcase it perfectly on this track, taken from their self-titled debut album, out soon on the legendary garage rock imprint Dirty Water Records, which recalls the more outlandish reaches of The B-52s back catalogue.

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Classic Rock: Archie and the Bunkers "Archie and the Bunkers"

Forging ahead with their own genre, Hi-Fi Organ Punk - hmm, not quite as dramatic-sounding as 'black metal' - this snotty Ohio sibling duo are a half Damned-half Animals rock'n'roll mongrel. Sixteen-year-old singer/frontman Emmett could be a Jack White in-the-making. Watch this sports-jacketed, tapered-trousered space.

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westlife.northcoastnow.com: Archie and the Bunkers

Emmett and Cullen O’Connor may be teenagers, but there’s nothing “boy band” about their duo Archie and the Bunkers.

“We’re pretty loud and the organ is the only melodic instrument. It’s got that fast, heavy, raw edge to it,” explained drummer Emmett, 17, describing the band’s “Hi-Fi organ punk” sound during a recent interview with West Life at the family’s Rocky River home.

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jatstorey.com: The Kneejerk Reactions "The Indestructible Sounds of the ..."

Ever been struck with nostalgia for a time before you were born?  Possibly for a time that mostly pretty mythical anyway? No, I’m not talking about spicing up things in the boudoir by having a quick game of Guinevere and Sir Lances-a-Lot, I’m talking about The Indestructible Sounds Of the Kneejerk Reactions, an album that’s simultaneously from 2013 and fifty years before that.  So if you’ll just step this way into my time-travelling garage, folks.

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Fungal Punk: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

A right bunch of cheeky fuckers here with an album to completely break down any critical codswallop and to bring forth a fervent fever of gushing praise from even the most hard boiled reviewer. Make no mistake about it, these squawking sonic shits are good, darn good indeed and really excite with their innuendoed sax fuelled rock that has an obsession with the thrills of fast food chomping. Hailing from London these dudes really do need to spread their wings and drop some sonic shit on the heads of the unaware, here is my small attempt at provocating some flapping motions.

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Uber Rock: MFC Chicken "Solid Gravy!"

Sometimes you get a record to review and it just has you scratching your head wondering what the fuck have I just listened to. Well, lo and behold MFC Chicken has just done that as a chicken based album has just driven me cluckin' mad.
So with a retro swinging beat (well it is on Dirty Water Records after all) the music is delivered with aplomb and some of the sax playing is superb, but what's with the chicken based tunes, really?

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Word For Music: The Sons of Bido Lito "Avalanche"

After reading the name of the band you don’t know what to expect, but if you jump that hurdle, you’re in for some good music.

The Sons of Bido Lito serve up some scuzzy music which takes you all the way back to the sixties in places, as they Demand your attention with their attackive riff. The music video alone is eerie and psycadelic enough, but with the music, it’s hard to avoid.

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Cleveland.com: Archie and the Bunkers

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Emmett and Cullen O'Connor didn't really start out to be a duo when the brothers put together Archie and the Bunkers, one of the hottest new bands in Northeast Ohio.

Emmett, 17, plays drums and is the primary vocalist for the group. Cullen, 14, plays keyboards – specifically an organ. Hence, the band's sound is defined as "Hi-Fi Organ Punk.''

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