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Metronome: The Heck "Who?!"

The hippest Dutchmen in the last 50 years are back on the Dirty Water label giving themselves aneurysms sautéed on a bed of 3 chord guitar with their cool new full length. You get the previously reviewed single, “For Cryin’ Out Loud” and “Panic Attack” as well as the frantic opener “Waiting In Line” which we missed earlier.

 “Nothing Will Do” gets very emotional with An insistent rhythm propelled by a lot of cymbals. Just as we run out of breath, they slow down for a more soulful angle with organ accompaniment on “I Won’t Change.” Shift up one gear with the somewhat doleful “Turn Me Loose” which seems quite spontaneous. “You Call It Love” works as a 60s style jam while “Money” has a bit of a rockabilly swing without ever erring on the side of kitsch.

The sentimental side “Love That’s Gone” also shows a favorable angle of what the Heck can do for you. Without relationship disappointments, The Heck, like so many of their musical role models, would run out of material, but this is also what fuels “Cold As Ice.” At least “Do You Love Me?” has the right melody to push the right kind of pathos, especially on the transition between verse and chorus. “That Moon” has some Mudhoney strains on selected guitar parts and underlines how front man Henri can get away with barking at certain celestial bodies. [Gecko]

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