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antimusic.com: The Chocolate Watchband "This Is My Voice"

Since this band had its heyday some 50-years ago, you might think that this album is a collection of vintage material or a long lost effort. But surprise, This is My Voice is newly recorded material featuring founding vocalist David Aguilar, who also penned about half of the material here. His best efforts are "Judgement Day," a sitar-enhanced psych blues, the Bo Diddley-informed "Take a Ride" and "Til the Daylight Comes," a commentary on the current state of the country, complete with a quote from President Trump. Also included are covers of Frank Zappa's "Trouble Everyday," Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" and "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," a Sky Saxon tune originally done by the Seeds. Also lots of fun is band guitarist Tim Abbott's sitar-soaked instrumental psych-fest, "Bombay Pipeline."

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