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Metronome Magazine: Weird Omen "Surrealistic Feast"

This French band’s last single barely stopped spinning, and they have already followed it up with a full length album. Though this is a different take from the single, “A Place I Want To Know” still has the trademark sax taking up the bass duties, and then some, in order to take you into a strange and magical world to get lost in. Still, Weird Omen’s psychedelia is quite subtle in the way their words and repetitive rhythms rather than effects alter your thoughts on “Wild Honey,” until they let the cat out of the bag at the end.

“Please Kill Me” has a more childlike sense of rhyming, but is corrupted by undercurrents of dissonance and a retrograde refrain. “Earworm” picks up the pace, but gets a little lost in the jam. “Surrealistic Feast” is a slower more thoughtful piece with complex yet lighter arrangements, making it an epic of sorts. “Collection Of Regrets” has slight traces of rockabilly twang, like the Earls of Suave 27 years ago, but wraps it in a comforting garage-y blanket. It also wouldn’t seem out of place having the Aristocats playing along on the jazzy bits of “The Goat,” until they go for the freak out session.  “Trouble In My Head” rocks out with an upbeat yet dusty psyche vibe. “Out Of My Brain” also has a positive outlook but kicks in with 1950s flavorings before moving on to jam-oriented territory. “I Will Write You Poetry,” in turn, has elements of early 1960s pop, then loosens up a little with more of a surround sound.

All in all, Weird Omen live in a strange, hazy, sepia colored world where genres get thrown in a blender, but rocking on is still the ultimate conclusion. Now for their next album using a gaffophone might be just the thing! [Gecko] Contact-- https://weirdomen.bandcamp.com

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