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the-rocker.co.uk: The Chocolate Watchband "This Is My Voice"

Hippies eh? The Chocolate Watchband released their first single in 1967. ‘Sweet Young Thing’ it was called and even I’m to much of a sweet young thing to remember them first time out.

Oh and in case you’re wondering this is the Californian hippy band not the UK Chocolate Watch Band who also released their debut single in 1967. Small world and all that. This lot released three albums before splitting up, along with the hippy dream, in 1970. Fast forward twenty nine years and they reformed in 1999, a reunion that saw a studio album and a live release. For some reason they issued a record of re-recordings in 2012 but this is their first proper album in 19 years.

They’ve managed to hold on to a couple of original members (which is one more than Deep Purple) in the shape of singer David Aguilar (although he left in 1967) and drummer Gary Andrijasevich with guitarist Tim Abbott (who was around in 1967) with a few relative newbies around to fill out the sound. But it’s basically the same psych meets garage meets protest that they’ve always done.

So if you like distorted guitars, Dave Clark type drumming and people singing about how shit the world is, then this will be for you. It’s mainly original material although they find room for covers of songs by Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan (natch) while the blistering version of The Seeds’ ‘I Can’t Seem to Make You Mine’ is the album highlight. Chuck in a Donald Trump sample and this is as woke as they come. Geography teachers of the world unite!

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