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carrysnewundergroundmusic.blogspot.com: Chocolate Watchband "This Is My Voice"

The Chocolate Watchband was founded in 1965 in Los Altos, California, America and initially existed until 1970. In 1966 the band signed a contract with Tower Records, which released their debut single "Sweet Young Thing" / "Baby Blue" in 1967 and this was followed later in that year by their first album "No Way Out".

The singles then appeared: "Misty Lane" / "She Weaves A Tender Trap" (Uptown, 1967) and "Are You Gonna Be There" / "No Way Out" (Tower, 1967), plus the LPs: "The Inner Mystique" (Tower, 1968) and "One Step Beyond" (Tower, 1969), after which the band split up in 1970.

By a revival of garage rock and psychedelic rock in the ‘80s and ‘90s the band was rediscovered by a larger audience and that led to absurd prizes for their original albums, after which Rhino Records (LP) and Sundazed (CD) re-released their albums with bonus numbers.

Due to the continuous interest for the band, The Chocolate Watchband did a reunion in 1999, with the line-up comprised Dave Aguilar, Tim Abbott, Bill Flores and Gary Andrijasevich, while Michael Reese joined the band as drummer and in 2000 the band did international tour and made the live album "At the Love-In Live!" in 2001.

In between, the studio album "Get Away" was released, followed by a compilation CD "Melts In Your Brain ... Not On Your Wrist" with songs from the Tower and Uptown Records period.

In June 2013, the band started working on a new album in their hometown San Jose and since 2015 the band has been in their current line-up: Tim Abbott - vocals and solo guitar, David Aguilar - vocals, keyboards and harmonica, Alec Palao - bass guitar and background vocals, Derek See - solo guitar and Gary Andrijasevich - drums.

On February 22, 2019, their album "This Is My Voice" will be released, with 11 songs, via Dirty Water Records and V-Je-Day Records in a limited edition as CD, as LP on 180 grams of colored vinyl and as a digital download.

The first track of the album is called "Secret Rendezvous", in which the band plays a delightful swinging rock song, which has a contagious rhythm and some tempo changes and is followed by "Judgment Day", a dazzling mix of garage rock and blues, in a average pace. (listen to this song via the youtube link under the review)

Then follows the title song "This Is My Voice" and here the band plays an excellent psychedelic pop song, which has influences from the ‘60s, after which "Trouble Everyday" can be heard is and this song, written by Frank Zappa, is a great swinging mix of blues, rock & roll and pop, where sitting still is not an issue.

In "Take A Ride" I get to hear a sixties song related to The Rolling Stones song "Mona" and in "Talk Talk" The Chocolate Watchband plays a nice

in-ear sounding rock song with an attractive danceable rhythm, followed by "Bed", an excellent pop song with an average tempo and a high volume.

Then the band sings me "Bombay Pipeline" and in it the band plays a great swinging up tempo song with light psychedelic influences and a very danceable rhythm, where it is impossible to sit still and this is followed by "Desolation Row", a brilliant cover of the Bob Dylan number.

Then it is the turn for the first song, which the band recorded for this album, titled "Can not Seem To Make You Mine" and this song written by Sky Saxon is a tribute to this artist, who recently died and plays the band a delicious pop rock song in a not too high tempo and this contains a recurring and infectious danceable rhythm and this song is followed by "Til 'The Daylight Comes", a great pop rock song, which is played in an average tempo.

"This Is My Voice" by The Chocolate Watchband contains, in contrast to their garage rock period, 11 swinging pop rock songs that sound great and I can strongly recommend any fan of this genre.

* The music of this band / artist can also be heard regularly on Monday evening between 8:00 PM and 10 PM (European time) in the radio program Carry's Music Machine via www.osuradio.nl

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