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Metronome Magazine: The Chocolate Watchband "This Is My Voice"

As a band with a legendary past, it’s not always easy to live up to expectation. The Chocolate Watchband, largely intact with only a new bass player, maneuver around this by at first doing what come naturally, 50 something years after their 1960s heyday. “Secret Rendezvous” is an uplifting anthem of sorts with the signature tambourine always present under the mix. The gritty voice and harp boosted country-western vibe underlines the present day social reality of “Judgement Day.”

The title track “This Is My Voice” come on to you as a tasteful, wistful and airy bucolic ballad with an affirmative undertone. Original singer Dave Aguilar gives you another dose of harmonica laced reality TV in “Trouble Everyday” which is firmly based in the present, though it does ramble on a bit. They might have know Bo Diddley personally from the good old days and sound genuine using his trademark riff to propel “Take A Ride” along, yet add their own salt. “Talk Talk” starts sounding more like the band of old with some of the lead guitar, keyboard melody and tambourine combinations. “Bed” is another soft dreamy ditty with a slight retro psychedelic undercurrent. “Bombay Pipeline” is an instrumental with sitar like riffs, though occasionally you’ll detect Blondie melodies. “Desolation Row” is another musical modern poetic visualization with a western theme.

The band appears to have had a deep appreciation of Sky Saxon of the Seeds and there for perform a heartfelt cover of “I Can’t Seem To Make You Mine” that fits their style perfectly. TCB pull out an acoustic guitar and then build up all the other instruments to push “Till The Daylight Comes” to its ultimate anthemic conclusion. There you go. A clever combination of past, present and legacy made relevant in this day and age. [Gecko] Contact-- thechocolatewatchband.com

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