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Metronome: Lucy and the Rats "Lucy and the Rats"

After some enchanting singles on Dirty Water Records in the UK, Lucy and her rats are back with a full length. While some of the YouTube videos have a grittier Rock & Roll sound, Lucy saw to it that the entire record remains well polished in an early 1980s new wave pop vein, like Holly and The Italians, albeit with nice retro guitar interjections, such as on “Pills.”

It’s mostly up-tempo material with a lot of warmth and with vocals well in front of the mix. On “Lose My Mind” you can hear Lucy doing her own backing vocals to give it a lot of depth. In turn, “So Simple,” slows down for a melancholic feel. Appropriately enough, “Night” has a darker tone as you can actually hear the bass, while “Falls” sees the band getting slow and thoughtful about a difficult relationship.

Lucy soars again on “Hold On Me” which develops into an epic tale of boy meets girl with a tasty riff and a cool solo to end it all. The first hit single “Girl” with its tingly lead and delicious backing vocals finds a home on this record. Lucy will be doing this on reunion tours to raving fans 40 years from now. Having moved from sunny Australia to cloudy London, she won’t have much use for surfing these days, yet nonetheless brings images from this lifestyle to Northern Hemisphere audiences, albeit not all positive. The rhythmical guitar interjections bring us a retro feel, as if Jan & Dean hadn’t gone around Dead Man’s Curve. I might have wished for more risk taking and grit, but the quality song writing shines through.



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